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GoLeadPro is a specialist in direct-mail marketing campaigns for insurance agents.
After years of direct-mail experience in the financial and real estate markets, we transitioned to helping insurance agents.

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Because of our transparency, you know what you are getting, and you know what you can expect to get, with your marketing dollars. It gets no simpler, or more profound, than that.

Whether you have us handle your direct-mail campaigns, or you just purchase your lead data from us, you will like the results and the experience of working with us.

we are independent

It is no secret that getting a handle on lead generation in our industry can be extremely frustrating and confusing. If you ask ten different FMO’s or IMO’s how they would define an "A Lead," you would probably get ten different answers. A general lack of transparency has made agents leery of purchasing leads, due to bad experiences in the past. Whatever your experience in the past, you will like our lead programs. We are transparent, and we are NOT affiliated with any IMO or FMO. We pull the freshest data available—and if it isn’t available, we will tell you, rather than substituting older data without your knowledge. When we generate an “A-Lead,” you can be confident that it is, in fact, an “A-Lead.”

our services

We have a very versatile and experienced staff to bring quality and on-time execution of your direct-mail campaign.

Mortgage Protection Leads

Clients who have refinanced or purchased their home in the last 30 days, who are looking to purchase Mortgage Protection Insurance.

Final Expense Leads

Seniors between 55 and 85 who have requested Final Expense Life Insurance to provide coverage for their burial and funeral costs.

Fresh Data Lists

Data Lists, based on your search/sort criteria. Includes phone numbers, where avaiable, scrubbed against the national "do-not-call-list."

Pricing Matrix

We have several programs for you to choose from, depending on your goals.

  per 1,000
Mortgage Protection (one-time)
Freshest Data • High Deliverability
High Returns • Leads Sent Every Day
  per 1,000
Mortgage Protection (weekly)
Freshest Data • High Deliverability
Leads Sent Every Day
  per 1,000
Final Expense (one-time)
55-85 • Phones Numbers, If Available
Specified Income • Leads Sent Daily
  per 1,000
Final Expense (weekly)
55-85 • Phones Numbers, If Available
Specified Income • Leads Sent Daily
Telemarketed FEX Leads
15 Lead Order Minimum
Senior Citizens
Mortgage Protection B Leads
25 Lead Order Minimum
Great ROI !
  per 500
Door Knock Lists (Some Phone #s)
500 Record Minimum • Mailed To Prior
High Accuracy
  per 500
Final Expense Data Lists
500 Record Minimum
Senior Citizens


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